Marking & Identification
Laser marking is precise and accurate and is ideal for use on identification materials, like anodized aluminum, plastics, even stainless steel, thanks to an exclusive accessory called High Power Density Focusing Optics. Extremely small text can be marked onto materials like iron, titanium, chromed steel and some high-carbon metals. Laser marking is a permanent, non-contact method that works well for barcodes, UID codes, data matrix codes, serial numbers, model numbers, text and logos.

Photo Engraving
Photos can be laser engraved on a variety of materials by starting with a hi-res image, importing it into the exclusive 1-Touch Laser Photo software, modifying the size and shape as needed, then hitting “print.” No third-party photo editing software is required; the software automatically adjusts the contrast and definition depending on the material being engraved. Imagine your wedding photo engraved on a marble tile; this is a unique keepsake item that withstands time and is far more impressive than a simple photo.

Laser etching on glass makes a clean, precise mark that is difficult to duplicate with other methods, like sandblasting. And it’s not as messy. Glassware, such as champagne flutes, wine glasses, even bottles and pitchers, can be laser etched easily, held in place by a “rotary fixture.” The rotary holds the glass on both ends and, during the laser process, it rotates the glassware, allowing 360-degree engraving. Paint-filling the laser etched glass can further enhance its appeal.

Plaques & Awards
Laser engraving plaques and awards is a great method ideal for materials ranging from glass and acrylic to wood and marble. Laser engraving allows for quick set-up so we can produce one-offs or multiple items, ideal for trophies and nameplates. Use laser engraving for awards to create unique effects, such as paint filling or reverse engraving. With the variety of awards and plaques out there, it’s possible to select something that stands out so your employees, team members or clients feel special.

Promotional Items
Laser engraving or marking promotional items is an alternative method to silk-screening or hot-stamping. Laser engraving is permanent and makes it easy to run one item or thousands. The best thing about laser engraving is that you get repeatable and consistent results. Products like key chains, pens, anodized aluminum water bottles, flashlights, golf divots and much more can be laser engraved with company logos and taglines. You can even personalize these items for special events to really make your brand stand out.

Gifts & Novelties
Laser engraving adds a personal touch to gifts that enhance their value and make them even more special to the recipient. Transform gifts or standard household items, like drink coasters and frames, into keepsake gifts by personalizing them with meaningful text or even photos. All types of gifts made from a variety of materials can be laser engraved: wood, cork, marble, glass, plastic, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and so much more. Wedding items, frames, clocks and more can be personalized for that one-of-a-kind item that can’t be bought at a store.

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